Cranberry Recipes for Spring

Posted by admin - July 27th, 2013

Cranberry Recipes? In Spring?
There’s a lot to love about cranberries. They are high in nutritional value and marry well in numerous recipes. Cranberry recipes are great any season of the year. In spring, cranberries are a delightfully different diversion from traditional spring recipes.

Cranberry-Blueberry Fruit Compote – Berry Berry Good
Cranberries and blueberries make a delicious fruit compote. Steam one cup of cranberries until they begin to pop. Remove from heat, drain and cool. In a decorative bowl, add two cups of blueberries, one Read More »

Uses, Recipes and Events involving Cranberries

Posted by admin - April 25th, 2011

One of the best things about fruits is that you can use them in almost everything. They can be used in main dishes, desserts or even just by themselves. You can find plenty of recipes online with satellite internet from

The best part of all is that fruits are healthy for you. One of the sweetest fruits that’s used in a lot of different recipes and juices is cranberries. Cranberries are good for your bladder system and can even fight off certain bacterias.

The first uses many people think of are cranberry sauce with their Thanksgiving meal, or as a mixer with their alcoholic drinks, but there are so many more ways to use cranberries. Home-made jam is becoming more popular, and many people consider it better than the jam that you can buy in a grocery store. And it only takes about twenty minutes to make. All you need is a saucepan, butter, sugar and of course cranberries. You can add almost any other fruit with it to make it more delicious, or just leave it by itself.

Of course, cranberry muffins are a great substitute for other fruits in your favorite recipes. For example, you can turn blueberry muffins into cranberry muffins. Use your imagination and see what else you can come up with.

Delight your taste buds with cranberries!

Posted by admin - March 30th, 2011

Among the traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, and fresh baked rolls, are the delicious scarlet red cranberries. All other foods may pale in comparasion when your eye is drawn and your mouth waters at the sight of this stimulating food.

Of course, cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving. They can be enjoyed other times of the year, giving your taste buds relief until November.

Also known as bounceberries (they bounce when they are ripe), only 5 of cranberries are sold fresh to the anxious consumer. The Read More »

A Christmas Cranberry Treat

Posted by - December 9th, 2010

Christmas time is peak season for mainstream cranberry consumption. Though many healthy individuals enjoy cranberries as a part of their everyday diet, countless more will enjoy the inimitable taste of cranberries over the course of the holiday season. From sweets to spreads to decorative flair, cranberries make a very visible appearance not only on the table and in the kitchen but throughout the house. We still maintain cranberries are best when eaten, so in the spirit of Christmas here’s our gift to you. Enjoy this delicious recipe for a take on cranberries you may have never tried before…Christmas Cranberry Cobbler Read More »

National Cranberry Festival

Posted by - October 8th, 2010

If only there were an entire event in which the nation could converge on a small cranberry harvesting town to celebrate the delicious diversity cranberries bring to everyday life. Thankfully, such a celebration starts tomorrow outside Carver, Massachusetts, at Edaville USA where the National Cranberry Festival will span 3 days of cranberry bliss. From 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. on October 9th, 10th and 11th, cranberries will come to life, set on 1300 acre cranberry farm plantation. Live music, dance shows, cooking lessons and more will all take place across three stages, with fresh events each day. The festival will also feature a variety of games and activities, fun for the whole family, including Pony Rides, Irish Step Dancing, Dog Demonstrations and Helicopter Rides. A two miles scenic train ride is also available to take gawking riders around the cranberry plantation, showcasing the cascading beauty of thousands of soon to be picked cranberries growing naturally in their bog harvesting habitat. Read More »

The Cranberry Institute: where cranberries go to learn

Posted by admin - August 4th, 2010

Actually, the Cranberry Institute is a non-profit organization formed in 1951 to bring together cranberry growers and cranberry fans. The Institute promotes research on related health, agricultural, and environmental issues, and promotes continuous cranberry education. Based in East Wareham, Massachusetts, the Cranberry Institute takes its funding from volunteer members involved with the cranberry trade.The Institute’s website is a treasure trove of information on every aspect of cranberries you can imagine. Cranberries were first used as food and medicine by early Native Americans, and the first commercial bed was planted in 1816 in Dennis, Massachusetts. It can be harvested either “wet” or “dry.” In the “wet” process, the cranberry beds are flooded and the fruit is beaten off the wine with a special harvester. In the “dry” process, the fruit is removed with a mechanical picking machine. Read More »

Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Posted by admin - July 13th, 2010

Whether it’s Ocean Spray, Juicy Juice or a host of other natural beverage providers, cranberry juice has been successfully marketed to a wide base of thirsty consumers. However, what you are drinking in these store bought containers is usually not pure cranberry juice. In its purest form, cranberry juice has a distinctively tart taste, bitter to some palettes. In order to make cranberry juice more enjoyable for the average drinker, sugar, artificial sweeteners or other fruit juices are usually added to give it the common taste you’ve come to expect. Even in this diluted form, cranberry juice still retains valuable health-enhancing incentives provided by natural cranberries, rewarding those who drink it regularly. If you want to take advantage of the cocktail’s healthy benefits, make sure whatever brand you buy actually contains a large percentage of authentic cranberry juice, with no preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial coloring. Read More »

Adding Cranberry to your Diet

Posted by admin - July 13th, 2010

Enjoyed both individually and as part of a side or main course dish, cranberries provide a very distinctive flavor many people find irresistible. Not only are they delicious, cranberries are actually good for you as well, believed to combat both heart disease and cranberries. Unfortunately, a lot of picky eaters will try anything to keep what they perceive as “health food” at least a full arm’s length away from their mouth at all times. Here are some old standbys and a new, innovative idea to make cranberries more enticing so that the whole family can enjoy them.

  1. Cranberry Sauce With 12 ounces of cranberries, 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of orange juice or water, this Thanksgiving classic will satisfy any sweet tooth. The thick relish can either be enjoyed on its own or as a complementary topping or side item. Just dissolve the sugar in the orange juice or water, then stir in the cranberries. Cook about 10 minutes until the cranberries begin to pop. Finally, transfer the hot saucepan’s contents into a bowl so the cranberry sauce can thicken as it cools. Read More »

Harvesting Cranberries

Posted by admin - July 13th, 2010

It is easy to tell when it’s time for cranberries to be harvested because of their signature red hue, shining out to the world that the berry is ripe for the picking. If the berries are still lighter in color, you will need to wait a few more weeks before harvesting your cranberries. For those who don’t have the patience or will power, mature but not fully ripe cranberries can still be made into white cranberry juice, a very healthy and popular drink. In general, most cranberries reach their peak ripe stage in late September or early October.The majority of cranberries in the United States are wet-picked once they are ripe. Wet-picking is the safest and easiest way to pick a large number of cranberries at one time. The process requires for the bog or marsh in which the cranberries are growing to be flooded an estimated 6 to 8 inches above the vines. The amount of water is predetermined and adjusted based on the total acreage used for cultivating cranberries. After the area is filled with water, a motorized picking machine, or harvester, is driven through the beds in order to separate the berries from the vine. The driver must continue in circles, slowly spiraling towards the center in order to ensure that every vine is amply picked. Once the individual cranberries are detached from the vine, the fruit will float to the top making it much easier to mass-collect the cranberries. The floating cranberries are herded to the corner of the bed so that they can be collected in a single area for transportation. Read More »

Other Holiday Ideas

Posted by admin - July 13th, 2010

While Christmas decoration is starting to become a cranberry staple, there are plenty of other holidays on the calendar for which the beautiful coat of cranberries could be put to good use. After all, there’s no reason Santa should have a stranglehold on the entire cranberry market. In the giving spirit of the Christmas season, here are a few ideas you can share to help make other dates on the calendar equally elegant.

  1. Valentine’s Day – When February 14th roles around and you need to impress the significant other in your life, a lot of lovers turn to rose petals to provide the dark red shade of romance. Cranberries can fill in on short notice or can be used in combination with roses to create an entirely new visual experience. While possessing the same rich exterior color, cranberries are a lot more versatile than roses. For starters, you can eat them which, when used correctly, can enhance the romance all by itself. Cranberries also float better, and easily maintain their figure without getting soggy. This comes in handy in case you might want to run a candlelight bath to set the mood. Read More »

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